If you've gotten this far you have earned yourself a pat on the back and possibly a delicious cookie. You my friend have managed to take the first step of many to come in bringing your vision to life! Whether you're a small business requiring help in website design and branding, a company looking to freshen up your logo and marketing material, or a group of friends needing a design for your Tough Mudder™ shirts - you've arrived at your destination.

What I Do

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My experience spans my lifelong love of art & design backed with skills in Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver as well as knowledge in HTML/CSS3 to bring your vision to life. I prefer constant feedback and communication with my clients in order to establish trust and bring success to any project you envision. Even if it's inspiration for a future project, I'd love to hear your ideas. Let's create!

the work that “we” do....

...and by "we" I mean my many different states as a creative

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*Cerrillo Media will in no way ever, ever ever, ever ever ever give out or sell your contact information. Because lets face it, I don’t have time for those types of shennanigans. I would prefer to have happy clients instead of grumpy visitors.

about me

Design, design and MORE DESIGN!
It’s official, I can no longer consider myself a hobbyist in the world of digital and print design. Why you ask? Because it’s time to “jump off the cliff” into the world of freelance design. To be honest, it feels long over due! For as long as I can remember I always loved to draw - that feeling you get when something that was once just a thought now has a place in reality, that was what I strived for. The art in creating art. The process. I've gone from designing humorous flyers to creating fashion forward websites.
In closing; Star Wars forever (even though they’re now owned by Disney), nothing beats a good street taco (unless you get TWO!), we should all wear a humorous shirt from time to time, aaaaaaaand last but not least a big THANK YOU for everyone who has influenced me in the past up until now.... right now, this moment that you're reading this.... now.

spread love, knowledge, patience & gratitude
~ armando