work & projects

Waitlist with a project management feel for the service industry to increase revenue potential
Mock music web-app built in React & hosted on Netlify
A note taking app built on AngularJS. Work inspiration to quickly jot down voicemails
Music Player mock built on Javascript, jQuery, HTML/CSS testing my ability to NOT use Rails.
A simple message/note taking application in Javascript & HTML/CSS.
Logo redesign for what was to be a funding platform for college bound folk. Photoshop/Illustrator
Business Card design for local salon w/ a vintage twist. Photoshop/Illustrator printed by
Hand drawn to bring a rougher vibe for this late-night events organization. Polished in Illustrator
Extremely basic site to showcase new and upcoming fashion, photographers and models.
A really basic todo list (yes, another one) testing my first few baby steps in Web Development
A Reddit Clone letting members create, favorite & vote other member posts.
A collaboration site in Rails implementing the Stripe API to unlock premium features