Cap of Change


Cap of Change was born out of the idea to utilize the means of funding on a global scale in order to change the way higher education is funded. The economic collapse of 2008 left millions of students facing a lifetime of debt servitude at the hands of Colleges, Universities, Banks, Lenders & Government with no way out. The idea came into fruition when a longtime friend decided it was time for us to jump into the non-profit game. His original sketch for the logo had a moreso desperate look that although would serve as a great sympathetic meaning - it may not focus on the hope we were trying to bring. So slowly and surely the idea came about that perhaps the cap should be seen from below as if the graduation cap is now off, the student has graduated and will be rewarded with their hard work by the funding network of Cap of Change.

For more information on other campaigns and organizations fighting to end the current structure of debt:

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